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How to incorporate acids

Posted on naturespalettehq 25/02/2022 0 Comment(s) General Knowledge,

To a lot of people, starting chemical exfoliation seems like tricky business. However, did you know that if you start incorporating chemical exfoliants into your routine slowly and steadily, you will end up enjoying chemical exfoliation in the long run?


The trick is to familiarize your skin with chemical exfoliants. Some common instructions are to start with a low-strength acid and low frequency of use. We have a few extra ways for you to start introducing your skin to chemical exfoliants. 


Hold up! Before you use any of the methods, identify the areas of your face that 


  1. Frequently gives you breakouts
  2. You want to target using the chemical exfoliant


It’s important for you to know your skin so that you can differentiate between purging and breakouts later down the line. 


Now let’s start familiarizing your skin with chemical exfoliants!


One of the easiest ways to introduce chemical exfoliants to your skin is by using the chemical exfoliant as a wash-off mask. Your skin will be in contact with the exfoliant for a short time so you can see if you might get any reaction from the product. Simply apply the exfoliant all over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off.


Next, you can use the exfoliant as a spot treatment by applying the exfoliant on the problematic areas first. Exfoliants should help your pimples to finish their cycle faster and shed dead skin cells effectively to prevent clogging of pores.


A method that most people use is the buffering method, where you reduce the potential irritation of exfoliant by applying it after hydrators or moisturizer. Hydrators you can use include hydrating toners, serums and essences. 


A more daring method is using the 3 on, 3 off method. In this method, you use the exfoliant for 3 nights in a row. For the next 3 nights afterwards, you then focus on nourishing the new skin cells. 


No matter what method you choose to do, we hope that you remember to level up your hydration game and frequently use sunscreen when you do chemical exfoliation. 


We wish you luck and happy experimenting!


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