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How to pick the right moisturiser for your skin type?

Posted on naturespalettehq 30/06/2022 0 Comment(s) General Knowledge,

There are many moisturisers available in the market, but how do you choose which one is meant for you?


The main characteristic that differentiates moisturisers is its texture. The texture of a moisturiser depends on its formulation. If a moisturiser is formulated with more humectants, that moisturiser is more likely to come in a gel texture that absorbs quickly into the skin and feels lightweight. If it is formulated with more emollients, it will have a noticeable smoothening effect and feel more like a light cream than a gel. Having more occlusives in its formulation will make the moisturiser feel like a thick cream that may feel heavy on the skin as it forms an effective seal to prevent water loss. 


To choose the right moisturiser, you can use your skin type as a guide, if you are a skincare beginner or haven’t tried a lot of products


  • People with oily skin may prefer lightweight moisturisers. This is because their skin has no trouble sealing moisture in. Instead, it just lacks moisture in general or is dehydrated. So, a moisturiser formulated with more humectants is suitable to solve the issue because humectants help to draw water into the skin.
  • People with dry skin may prefer moisturisers that come in a thick cream texture. This is because their skin lacks the lipids needed to prevent moisture loss. Having a moisturiser rich in occlusives helps to form the much needed film to keep moisture locked into the skin. 


The best way to know if a moisturiser is right for your skin is to test it out. When testing out moisturisers, evaluate them by asking yourself these questions:


  • Do I like the texture of the moisturiser & how it feels on my skin?
  • Does it help my skin stay moisturised?
  • Does it cause my sunscreen to pill?
  • Does it break me out or have any other negative side effects on my skin?
  • Is there anything I would change about this moisturiser?


The more moisturisers you try, the easier it is to decide what your moisturiser preference is. Good luck, NPBabes!



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